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My name is Rebekah and I ♥ my Lord Jesus Christ. I remember when I got baptized when I was young but couldn't remember when I got saved and that got me wondering if I really was saved.Living in doubt really started to bug me so at camp on July 2nd,2012, the first service on the first night, I reconfirmed my salvation! That Sunday night when I got back, I got re-baptized along with 2 of my friends.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

4 more days!!!!

Four more days till camp! We are going to have to fit 26 teens, 4 adults, and all the luggage on one bus. Yikes! We'll manage. :) We have 5 maybe 6 girls who are doing the Bible Quiz and I wish all of them luck! (minus me). It's going to be even better this year because we got 3 of the Bosje kids going!  Plus, Betsy and I get to do our duet that we put together and the teen choir is singing. We are probably singing It's Different Now. I'm not sure. So everyone, get a good night's sleep Sunday night!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dont scream, DONT scream, DONT SCREAM!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ok, i screamed. You wanna know why??? At 9 pm tonight, the Bosjes come to NEW YORK!!!! So hard waiting to ser them tomorrow night! Ok, Tuesday, i want you to go by REALLY fast or we could just skip to Wednesday:)

Monday, June 25, 2012


Guess what!!!!!!! I just received word from Bekah Bosje that…………
THEY ARE COMING TO CAMP WITH US!!!!!!!!! Her, Matthew, AND Nathan are coming. Nathan wasnt going to but he is now. YIPPEE!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Song of the Week Is....(#11)

We Will Carry the Torch

The world lies in darkness lost in their sins.
And they don't even know, the danger their in.
We who are called to that glorious fight,
Must shine like a beacon of love, in the night.

We will carry the torch.
We will lift up the flame.
We march through the darkness with the light of his name.
Until the glory of God, is seen by the world.
We will carry the torch of the Lord.

There's no need for failure, there's no need for fear.
For the Lord goes before us to make our paths clear.
Let the glorious flame, let the glorious light.
Let it shine out through you and shine in the night.

The torch is our Saviour the hope for all men.
And as we lift Him up, he will draw all men to him.
To him


Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Guess what!!! 12 days, 7 hours, and 55 minutes till camp! I'm sooooo excited!! I bet everybody else is too!! Pray that there will be lots of teen there. Now, all I have to do is survive 12 more days and try to get some sleep. To much excitement and I'll NEVER get to sleep. HORROR. ;)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Song of the Week Is....(#10)

Standing In The Need of Prayer

(sing chorus first)

Not my brother, not my sister but it's me O Lord.
Standing in the need of prayer.
Not my brother, not my sister but it's me O Lord.
Standing in the need of prayer.

It's me, it's me, it's me O Lord.
Standing in the need of prayer.
It's me, it's me, it's me O Lord.
Standing in the need of prayer.

Not my mother, not my father but it's me O Lord.
Standing in the need of prayer.
Not my mother, not my father but it's me O Lord.
Standing in the need of prayer.

Not my pastor, not my deacon but it's me O Lord.
Standing in the need of prayer.
Not my pastor, not my deacon but ut's me O Lord.
Standing in the need of prayer

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Tomorrow is Move-up SUnday!!!! We are losing 3 wonderful teen girls.Bethany, Betsy, and Amber. :( But! we are gaining 1 girl. Amy. In junior church, we are losing Amy,  Robert, and Daniel. We are gaining 9 kids!! Brittany, we're doing you a favour by taking them off your guys' hands. :) We are gaining ummm.... Brianna, Katherine, Jacob & Joseph, David, Anabelle, Sarah, Javier, and I forget the last one.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Because Of the Soldier

Because of the Soldier

Red, white, & blue,
Three colors bold and true.
Flying bold and hight,
Waving freely in the sky.
Showing our peace, freedom, and liberty,
Oh soldiers it was because of thee!

"In God we trust" should be our motto,
But many don't believe it.
Soldiers are putting up a fight,
Bringing hope, faith, and giving light.
From the east to the west,
Citizens rise up and give your best!
Let us take a stand and fight for America!

Trials and tribulations are coming our way,
Life is getting harder day by day.
Courage is fleeing the hearts of men,
Ceasing to help America now and then.
When will we realize the call to war,
When time is fading more and more.
"My country tis of thee"
Sweet, sweet land of liberty!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Duggar Giveaway

I've been following this blog for awhile and now I'm sharing it with you! There is a giveaway on the Duggar Family Blog in which you can find at
Besides that, I love reading about other stuff they post. You should really check it out!

The Son of a Soldier

This is the poem that I wrote. Hope you like it!

The Son of a Soldier

A young boy's father was in the army,
Never getting to see him much.
Day by day he waited for him.
Month by month his hope turned grim.
Then one day his mother said,
"Your father was injured and now is dead."
The little boy bursted into tears,
Knowing that his father could be gone for years.

Years flew by and the boy had changed.
He approached his mother and told her this.
"I'm joining the army" and gave her a kiss.
"You're father would be proud." she cried,
Tears flowing down which she could not hide.
After graduating from college, he was deployed.
Not knowing if he would return,
He saw the hope in his mother burn.

From a boy to teen, from teen to man,
He had married and continued with his plan.
Bullets flying and bombs exploding,
The father had told his son that he would be returning.

His son was waiting every day.
Finally he saw his father show up in May.
He ran to him with a huge embrace,
His mother following with a tear-stained face.
The family was together again,
Praying for others ans they did back then.

They walked to the cemetary where his father laid,
Honoring and thanking for the life he had paid.
The boy who grew to be a soldier,
Had made his parents proud.
"God Bless America!" he cried out loud.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Song of the Week Is.....(#9)

Joshua 1:8
  This book of the law, shall not depart out of thy mouth but thous shalt meditate in it day and night; that thou mayest observe, to do according to all that is written therein, for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous and then thou shalt have good success.

I didn't have time to post a long song but this is a wonderful scripture song.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 Graduation

Last night was our graduation. We had 2 homeschool graduates and 2 Christian school graduates. We had Betsy Foster and Anthony Senecal from the home school, and Bethany Brown and Zach Brown from the Christian school. We are all very happy for them. :D Unfortunately, I just lost my soulwinning partner. :( The teens sang Sheltered By His Grace and B ro. Cialini sang About the Cross. I LOVE that song!!!! The Christian school honored the helpers who volunteered to help in the school. Those that they thanked were
Mrs. Tullock, Mrs. Geer, Mrs. Jackie Brown, Mrs. Cialini, and Mrs. Gabi Young. The graduates gave their moms a rose as a thank you which I though was very sweet. After the graduation, the teen girls rushed down to the gymn (not to be first of course:) to help Mrs. Cialini out. Courtney and Nina did ice cream and chex mix, Brittany did cake (she was glad not to cut it:) and I did the punch. Katelyn helped me by handing cups and Abbey took the punch bowls back and forth for me. We served 8 bowls of punch and in between, we crammed in some cake and ice cream. Luckily, I gave the graduates some punch before it all went out! Well gtg.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Blog(for sure)

I have opened a new blog but I will still be running this one too. It's called Jewls of Harmony. Go to www.jewlsofharmony.blogspot.com to see what it is about.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Song of the Week Is....(#8)

Sheltered By His Grace

I missed out on heartaches this world feels every day.
And I missed out  on a broken home that would steal my joy away.
And I missed out on all the things they said, I'd miss out on.
Oh but somehow I've a heart of peace, while their good times are gone.

I've been sheltered by His grace.
Kept in a safe place.
Protected by the prayers of those who always sought His face.
In a world of shifting sand, I can hold onto their hand.
For they've guided me in  how to run this race.
As the years go by, I'm sheltered by His grace.

Grace can take the sin away, that's stained a soul for years.
Grace can keep a life that's pure from shedding bitter tears.
And the grace that's brought me safe thus far, will safely lead me on.
For the truth they've instilled me, will last when they are gone.