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My name is Rebekah and I ♥ my Lord Jesus Christ. I remember when I got baptized when I was young but couldn't remember when I got saved and that got me wondering if I really was saved.Living in doubt really started to bug me so at camp on July 2nd,2012, the first service on the first night, I reconfirmed my salvation! That Sunday night when I got back, I got re-baptized along with 2 of my friends.

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Monday, December 31, 2012



My Day Today

Well, today's my last day here in IN. Tomorrow, I leave IN and Matt returns to IN. Haha. Well, even though most don't care what I do, I'm going to tell you what I did today. :P My bros, parents, sis, and I went to the AMC theater to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. That was awesome and I can't wait for the next one to come out. (It's a trilogy) Paul bought some popcorn ($8 can you believe it!?!?) and we shared it. It was REALLY greasy. Then we went back and chilled. We are staying up till 12 IN time and 1 NY time. :D Can't wait for the loooooooong 12 hour drive home(can you tell that I'm being sarcastic?) but excited to see my Grandpa.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Song of the Week Is...(#32), and Zach's bday party

10,000 Reasons. aka Bless the LORD O My Soul
I heard this on the radio and it is so pretty. 
 Ok, now to my day. We went to my brother's church, Suncrest. It was very interesting. On the way back, we picked up my nephew's birthday balloons. They were angry birds balloons. Angry birds were the birthday party theme. We cleaned up the house, set the table, decorated, and off to Jak's Warehouse. It's a huge building with a TON of games. We did the sky walk, (that was ScArY!!!) mini golf, laser maze, laser tag, and other fun games. Then we picked up the pizza and headed back to the house for the party. I will post pics for you guys to see! Though most of you don't miss me, I miss all of you and miss playing for the teen choir. Hope practice went well! (You might've had a replacement for me.)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Trip So far...

Hello! Well, nothing much is happening. Tonight, we are going to a Japanese restaurant. They are going to cook the food in front of us. I'm excited. My time here is fun but I really miss all you guys back in NY. I can't wait to see everyone on Wednesday night! I have tons of pics to share with you guys. It's hard when you're on vacation and your Bible reading schedule gets messed up. I have been squeezing in time to read my Bible and try to get some prayer time in. Hope you guys are keeping busy! Love and miss you all! :D 

Friday, December 28, 2012

My day

Today, we went shopping at Fleet Feet so my bro, Paul, could buy some running shoes. Then, we went to the mall and we went to a bunch of stores. We went to this store called Charming Charlie and its an AwEsOmE accesory store! On the way to Fleet Feet, my bro, Paul, Jen, the boys, and I almost got into an accident. we were heading down the road(at a good speed since the speed limit was like 50-60) and this idiot backed out right in front of us until Paul blared the horn at her. After the mall, we dropped off everyone at the house and Jen, Daria, Anna, and I went to Target abd Kohls. I found this ADORABLE dress and jacket at Target and Kohls. Busy day but fun!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

My 2nd Christmas

Wow, I have been blogging more this week than I have ever done! Today, my brother Prankster *aka Tom* and Daria flew in from Denver, CO. We opened presents and I got an Airforce hoody, an Army hoody, a $25 iTunes card, socks, a knitted, adorable bracelet, a REALL cute purple,sparkly,knitted sweater, (sorta similiar to what you Senecals have:), a black shirt, (or is it Navy blue?) and I forget what else. I am enjoying my time here but I miss you guys a lot! Stay tuned! (I sound like a tv program. :P)

Like it?

Do you like my new profile pic? :D


Wow! So I hear that Katelyn got snowed in and couldn't go to church last night! Plus, I hear that we have 18" of snow in Newark! So sorry for those who have to go out and shovel it. Not to make you guys jealous or anything but we have NO snow here in Dyer IN and Abigail went swimming on Christmas. I shall return to the snow in the New Year! (please pray that I have enough snow here just so I can throw a snowball at Prankster *aka Tom:)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'm here!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so last night, at 8:30, we left for Indiana. I was not expecting to leave so soon but it seems we didn't want to drive through the bad blizzard that was heading our way. I feel so sorry for those in NY who will be affected by the storm. Apparently, it took me till past 1 am to FINALLY get to sleep. The total amount of times I woke up was prob. 5 times or more. Please pray for my sister Daria who lost her grandmother on Christmas day. This Christmas will be one to remember. With all these sad events going on, it's hard. The shooting in Conn., the burning of the houses and shooting of firemen. 2013 will be an interesting year. Will keep you guys posted!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

So Long, Farewell

Tomorrow morning, at 4 am, I will be heading for IN. It seems thatwe are leaving a fay earlier than expected to try to beat the bad snow. sadly, i wont be able to say goodbye to a loved one b4 i go. :( so see you in the new year!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!!❤❤❤ Merry CHRISTmas everyone!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Social

Last night, our church had a Christmas social. Apparently, I ended up sitting in front of a row of guys. Pastor preached a message, then Bro Cialini started the program. Mr Case sang The Birthday of a King. After that, Luke, David, Jeff and I did He Is Born. While Jeff and David got ready, Mr Brown did a Christmas Monologue. Then, Jeff and David did Christmas Connection. While Mr Ruthven sang O Holy Night, those who were in the next skit changed. The "Hallelujah's" went to the right side and apparently, Katelyn ran into Brittany who ran into me and I almost ran into Hannah. With our Monk costumes on, we couldnt see a thing. We then did The Silent Monks-Hallelujah Chorus. After that we sang (in our Monk costumes) While You Were Sleeping. Afterwards, we went down to the gym. I got serve the punch and you would NOT believe how many people want ice cream. Especially Senecals. :) Then a very unexpected thing happened. Brian Foster came over to me(with Katelyn as a witness) and said "Heyyy, do u want a kiss?" and Im like "WHAT!?!?! " and then he hands me a chocolate kiss. Then he's like " The expression on your face was priceless!!" and then he goes and tells Jeff, Joe, George, Michael, whoever was in that group, and of all people, Mr Brown. (Steve Brown) And a VERY funny interaction between Courtney and Christopher happened at the drink tabke. :D

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Baking!

Ok, so for the past two Saturdays, I've been baking like crazy! So total stuff i baked are:
2 batches of peanut blossoms
2 batches of peppermint bark
2 batches of shortbread bites
2 batches of oreo truffles
2 batches of buckeyes
2 cakes
1 french coffee cake
1 batch of holiday pretzel treats
And I know Im forgetting something. But boy is that tiring! Heres a pic of the pretzel bites. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A letter From A Friend

Dear friends,
Things are going ok down here in Florida. We recently purchased a house (trailer) and we have begun fixing it up by painting it. My room is finished being painted and needs to be decorated. My bathroom is also done being painted. It just needs to be decorated. The power was just turned on this Friday (YAY!!!). So now we are working on the living room because we have painted all the ceilings a few times each. Both my mom and I are really excited about our new home!
The pastor down here in Florida has allowed me to play the piano on Wednesdays so this last Wednesday I play for invitation and offering. He also let me borrow the electric piano nobody uses (which has been sitting in the boy’s bathroom for at least a year). The teen girls went on a teen activity to Brandon, FL to go on “a Walk Thru Bethlehem “. Which it is basically a play but you walk around in it. It was so cool! The almost 2 hour wait was worth it (even though we went to subway and got ice cream during that wait). We got home at almost 1 AM.
So today my dad and Chuckie are leaving to go back to NY my dad will be coming back to FL after Gabi gets settled in her new house. Totally off the subject but has any of you guys heard me say ‘sandspur’? Well they are weeds I guess you could say that grow tiny little spurs on them. They grow all over the yard so you can’t walk barefoot until the “lawn” is mowed a few times (the reason for the quotation marks around the word lawn is it’s not really grass it just grass-like weeds.) So I guess this is all that's happened so far. I will write back to you all very soon!!!

Sincerely your friend,

Monday, December 17, 2012


John Sullivan Truman Wesley was born 12 minutes to noon on 12/12/12. He is sooo adorable!! Check out Mrs. Wesley's blog to see a pic of him! It's carribeanmissionarywife.blogspot.com

Friday, December 14, 2012


We had a memorial service for Mrs. DeLyser today. Poor Bryannah. I knew that she was really close to her mom and will miss her. Many will miss her. I thought I'd share her mother's quote. 
"Cancer is the tool GOD used to save Lisa"
                                                              Lisa DeLyser 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mrs. DeLyser

Yesterday morning, Mrs DeLyser passed away from this world. :( I meant to post this yesterday but forgot. Please keep her family in your prayers.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Youth Revival

Last night, the teens, Jacob, Zac, Tommy, Bekah, Elisabeth, Bethany, Anthony, Bro. Cialini, and Mr. Brown went to Walker Bible Baptist for a youth revival. When we got there, Rebekah Huber and I had quite a noisy reunion. (literally) Plus, we got front row seats!(those who wanted to sit in the front row did.) We did some awesome singing, and saw a funny skit involving baseball bats. Bekah's idea about the bats. (oh yeah, that's my friend!) We also heard some good singing like How Will They Hear, Lord, Give Me A Heart For Souls, and others. Bro. Clark's message was great! Giver or Taker. Plus, there were some "interesting" people there and tons of fellowship!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Teen Soulwinning/Activity

Well, the teens had an activity yesterday. It's been over a month since the last one. We've been busy with the Missions Conference and other things. It was freezing  yesterday but we managed to hang door hangers. Plus, I almost got run over by a car! (stupid car:) Then we played volleyball which seemed like forever and I "hit" the ball in a most peculiar way, with my head. It seems that Anna hit the ball, bounced off the wall, and onto my head. Then we played extreme handball. That was fun!When we got to the part where there were no goalies, I scored two goals! That's a first. It was a blast and playing with Paige, Nina, and Courtney was a blast!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Song of the Week Is...(#27)

The Little Drummer Boy! I love Christmas music and Josh Groban sings this song beautiful!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Wedding Invitation

Here's the song that I was so privileged to sing in! Thank you Abigail for being SO encouraging!1 That head mic was a pain to put on.:)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A sneak peak of Brave

I told my friend Courtney that I would put up the song "Touch the Sky" from the movie Brave. Plus, I added the song "A Noble Maiden Fair"

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Who Will Come?

Well, I wrote another song! It's called Who Will Come. I'm sorry for the poor sound. My camera was being stupid. You just have to turn the volume up enough to hear it. :) I only sung two verses of it but there's actually three. Hope you like it!

Friday, November 2, 2012

My totally awesome Naval couzin!!

Here's a pic that I received of my Naval couzin at his graduation!!! Now off to Nuke School

My Poem about Abortion

Ok, so in English, I had to either write an essay about abortion or a poem about abortion. As you can tell by the title, I did a poem.

In this Precious Book today,
We hear GOD sternly say,
"Thou shalt not kill!"
But most defy that will.
They don't want GOD's precious gift.
They use drugs to cause a rift.
Thousands of His precious little gifts are destroyed day by day,
Many people avoid that parental way.
So, what's your choice going to be?
Are you going to give a child a life to see?
Go for the right and let them see the light!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Ok, I have added a new playlist to my blog! I hope you like it! :D The songs included are The River, Beauty From My Ashes, America, songs from my youtube account too. There are even songs that  us teens, yes, there are songs that the Teen Choir sing which includes Here Am I, It Has Always Been A Soldier, Bow the Knee, The Sun's Coming Up, and more wonderful songs!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Song of the Week Is....(#22)

Beauty From My Ashes

WAIT!!! Before you freak out about the title, let me explain. It may sound bad but trust me, it is GORGEOUS. It was written by the same person from last week's song.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Ok, first of all, like my new blog design? :) I got bored and needed something new. Plus, I re-designed the Jewels of Harmony one too. Second, I'm sorry that my blog (Music and Patriotism) title is plain. I'm having Katelyn design me a new one so hopefully it will be up soon! Now to the travel part, my sister-in-law has her own business in a travel agency. If ya need to book a vacation, head to www.destinationfuncation.com You know you'll get good service! :D

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Song of the Week Is....(#21)

The River

I love playing this song and now I am going to sing this song with Katelyn (who doesn't know it yet) in junior church. Hope you like it! It is soooo  beautiful!! Emily Elizabeth Black wrote it and she wrote other music for the Knights of Arrethtrae and Kingdom series.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Song of the Week Is....(#20)

Make A Difference

We are called to make a difference in a world that needs God's love.
We are called to make a difference through His Word from above.
May we be a people willing to obey,
And follow our Savior each and every day.

Compassion makes a difference through the hope that Jesus brings.
His Gospel message is the reason  that we sing.
We will make a difference. We will share His truth and pray,
For repentance in our nation and revival in our day.

We are called to make a difference for a people trapped in sin.
We must humbly go and tell them of Christ's freedom from within.
May His Holy Spirit empower us today.
And we as His people trust Him and obey.

We are called to make a difference in our needy world today.
If we're purified through His Word and before Him humbly pray.
Then our lives are different and Christ is glorified.
And His  mighty power is seen before their eyes.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Welk, tonight we had the Wesley's at church. The Wesleys are such a wonderful family and she is sooo sweet! A mother 4 soon to be 5, Mrs. Wesley is one of my role models. Such a sweet lady!! Bro. Wesley's message was great too! I'm so blessed and thankful that we have such wonderful missionaries that we support.

Birthday Monkey Munch

I made this for Katelyn's birthday. Its delish!!(delucious) All you need is:
1 box of cake mix
1 container of frosting
1 cup of powdered sugar
1 box of chex cereal

1. Put chex mix in a BIG bowl. You'll need a big bowl.
2. Melt frosting. Do it for 15 seconds at a time until you get the desired consistency.
3. Mix in a seperat bowl, powdered sugar and cake mix.
4. Stir chex mix and frosting together till chex pieces are covered.
5. Stir in powdered sugar/cake mix combination.(you'll have cake mix left over but no biggy. save it for cupcakes or make a minnie cake:) Enjoy!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Song of the Week Is....(#19)

O Lamb of GOD

Your only Son, no sin to hide.
But you have sent Him from your side.
To walk upon this guilty sod,
And to become the Lamb of GOD.

O Lamb of GOD, sweet Lamb of GOD.
I love the Holy Lamb of GOD.
O wash me in His precious blood.
My Jesus Christ, the Lamb of GOD.

Your gift of love, they crucified.
They laughed and scorned Him as He died.
The humble King, they named a fraud,
And sacrificed the Lamb of GOD.

I was so lost, I should have died,
But you have brought me to your sude.
To be lead by your staff and rod,
And to become a Lamb of GOD.

Friday, September 28, 2012

What it's like to have a cousin in service

What is it like to have a cousin in service? It's challenging, makes you proud, undescribable(if that's how you spell it). It makes you proud of them. Well, lately I've been going beyond crazy about all this Military stuff. (Crazier than usual). I've been listening to the Armed Forces Medley over a gazillion times and I can't seem to stop pinning Military stuff on Pinterest. (seriously). I've been writing to my cousin, Chas, whose in Navy training. Let's see.... I sent the letter on September 17th and yesterday, I got my first reply from him!!!!!!! You don't know how awesome it is to receive a letter from someone in service. Just think how much it feels when you write to a soldier or soldier in training. (in this case, sailor) Let me tell you a little about Navy boot camp. You have quick meals, short showers, lots of folding, shining boots,(so you don't get in trouble) lots of yelling,(hopefully not at you personally) marching, and tons of exercise. He really enjoys it. When you are out on a ship in training, you feel cut out from the outside world. SERIOUSLY. That's how my cousin feels. So, what is it like to have a cousin in service. In one word...AMAZING. ♥

Thursday, September 27, 2012


This is one of the things my couzin will be doing. I'm so proud of him!!:D

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Song of the Week Is....(#18)

Lamb of GOD

Your only Son no sin to hide,
But you have sent Him from your side.
To walk upon this guilty sod,
And to become the Lamb of GOD.

O Lamb of GOD,
Sweet Lamb of GOD.
I love the Holy Lamb of GOD.
O wash me in His precious blood.
My Jesus Christ the Lamb of GOD.

Your gift of love they crucified,
They laughed and scorned Him as he died.
The humble King they named a fraud,
And sacrificed the Lamb of GOD.

I was so lost, I should have died,
But you have brought me to your side.
To be lead by your staff and rod,
And to be called a Lamb of GOD.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Monday Night

Ok, so I was bored and thought I'd blog. On Monday night, Abigail and I were watching Logan. She was on my ipod and Logan was purse-searching. So cute!! He was looking at my brush/mirror and he kept opening it and closing it so every time he opened it, he'd put his face right to it! LOL. Next, he got to  my Bible aaanndd.... I was talking to Abigail and we heard a RIP. Let's just say that Logan had gotten to my pressed flower and ripped two petals off of it. No biggy. Then I gave him my calendar to look at and the first thing he said was "doggy". It was soooo cute!! I showed him more pictures of doggies and everytime, he said "doggy". So, there's my post for today. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Song of the Week Is....(#17)

El Shaddai

El shaddai, el shaddai,
El elyon na adonai.
Age to age your still the same,
By the power of the name.
El shaddai, el shaddai,
Erkamak na adonai.
We will praise and lift you high,
El sheddai.

Through your love and through the ram,
You save the son of Abraham.
Through the power of your hand,
You turned the sea into dry land.
To the outcast on her knees,
You are the GOD who really sees.
And by your mightm, you set your children free.

Through the years you made it clear,
That the time of Christ was near.
Though the people couldn't see,
What Messiah ought to be.
Though your Word contained the plan,
They just could not understand.
Your most awesome work was done,
Through the fraility of your son.

El shaddai, el shaddai
El elyon na adaonai.
Age to age your still the same,
By the power of the name.
El shaddai, el shaddai,
Erkamka na adonai.
I will praise you till I die,
El shaddai.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Song of the Week Is....(#16)

I Love This Land

There's a man who lives beside me,
Who fought in World War II.
Who proudly waves Old Glory,
From high above his roof.
He starts out every morning,
Like it's Independence Day.
I've seen him at attention,
Saulte the flag and say;

"I love this land,  from sea to shining sea.
I love this land, home of the brave and free.
I love the liberty, the justice, and the truth in which it stands.
One nation under GOD. I love this land."

All across the country, big cities, little towns.
While mama's getting ready,
Dad pulls the car around.
They joing the congregation,
To sing Amazing Grace.
They're free to worship Jesus.
And they are free to pray.

GOD bless America,(America) land I love.
Oh I will stand beside her,
And defend with my life.
For my children, for freedom.

(I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States, of America.
And to the Republic, for which it stands,one nation, under GOD.
Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Camp Meeting

Last night, we went to Old Paths for a camp meeting. By "we" I mean the Tullocks, the Cialinis, Tommy, Mr. Brown, Hannah, Beth, David, Anna, and I. We saw people that were at camp and I saw a girl that was in the finals with me at camp. We also saw Pastor Burk and Bro. Frank. Pastor Green preached first and he talked about "shutting the door and keeping it locked".His daughter, Mary, was  a missionary to New Guinea and she died of cancer last year. She was between the age of 24-29. After her death, because of her testimony, she won 400 souls to Christ! Then, Pastor Morrison preached and he preached on Turning The Tide(that was the theme) and having the burden of our nation on our shoulders and having the burden of souls on our hearts. There were some funny parts too. One guy stood up and screamed when people were singing. The Pastor of Old Paths said to shout and Praise God if ya need to and boy was there A LOT of that. The next funny thing is that I was leaning down to get a drink and hit my head on the handle that was connected to gears that was connected to a pole. (Yes, I had to sit behind a pole) At the final prayer, I smacked my hand right down of the gears by accident. Aren't I smart? :) After the first service, I prayed to God and told Him that if the next sermon was about Missions or He would have me write 4 pages of notes that really touched me, I would dedicate my life to be a MISSIONARY. You wanna guess what happened? I DEDICATED MY LIFE TO BE A MISSIONARY. God really touched my heart that night and I am proud to have made that decision. I now wait for God to direct me where to go. So I just want to share this video even though I showed it before.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

GCVM pics!!!

For those who couldn't make it, here are some pics for you! I put up the BEST for you. ;)
                                 ♥ this one!

                                Brittany, Amy, Hannah, and I went in the basket!

                                  The Intrepid

                                 A Cathlic Church
                                 The piano at the church
                                Look easy?

                                There was a GORGEOUS  garden!

                                My GORGEOUS BFF
                                BAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Love the "hat" abbey!!!!!

                                The soon-to-be new Jewels of Harmony Cover

                                "Molding A Masterpiece"
                                Like clay, we are a molded masterpiece, firmed by "God's Refining Fire"
                                The new Laura Ingalls Wilder? :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Ok, I've been wanting to put up pictures from my vacation and pictures from the game but have been procrastinating. So without further procrastination....here are the pics!  The first set of pictures I took with my sister in law's Canon Rebel. That was AWESOME to use!!!!
                               There were a TON of deer!

                                My  *ahem* crazy brother and my sweet sister in law
                               There was a magician on the train! (he only did card tricks though)

                                Awww isn't the little duck sooo cute?

                               For some reason, when I adjusted this one, it turned out fall-ish


                                 Tom (aka Prankster) (plus, he looks rediculous because of a mouthfull of seeds)

                                Kayaking on the Lake
                                 Oh no! the tip-over!!
                                Of all places, we HAD to hit the rock. :p

                                The Rapids. 0_0
                               We had to "carry" the kayaks. (More like drag them!  they AREN'T light)

                               I just LOVE this one! It's going to be the cover of my sis in law's blog
 Now these volleyball pics, Louisa helped me take them. :)

                                  Louisa took this one. :)